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Welcome to New Possibilities Integration LLC

Many of us have learned that pain is very much a part of life. Pain can either gently nudge us or it can forcefully blind-side us. Whether we like it or not, pain is actually an indication that something is right. It is the body’s built-in alarm system that warns when systems are not functioning properly. The body is literally begging for change. How we react to pain is a choice. We might respond to pain by ignoring it, by attacking it or by becoming a victim of it. We may also choose to transform it – turn it into gold.

The wise 13th century poet Rumi wrote:

When we seek to transform our pain, we set out on a journey to learn more about ourselves. We grow. Along the way, we learn how to better care for our bodies, nurture our minds and enliven our spirits. When we realize that we can release what we no longer need, we unclutter. With renewed clarity and focus, we give ourselves permission to live more fully in the present. We become accustomed to feeling integrated and whole. Because we have become lighter and more spacious, we become available to new possibilities all around us.

Rolfing® Structural Integration is a process that can assist you in your desire to change and turn your pain into gold. Awaken your body’s natural healing abilities with balance and alignment. Restore proper joint and muscle function to ease chronic pain. Enhance flexibility and mobility to better adapt to a fast-paced world. Invigorate and increase energy levels so that you can the things you have always wanted to do. Deepen a spiritual, movement or meditative practice. Heighten your bodily awareness and perception so that, through the clutter and commotion of daily life, you can still hear the whispers as your body calls to you.

Welcome to New Possibilities Integration
Welcome to a new YOU!

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