For several years I have been working 12-hour shifts in a mill, most of that time on my feet.  My shins, knees, or feet hurt most of the time making it difficult to walk by the end of the day.  Sometimes I would get a cramp in my calf that would last a month. Since I can remember, I have walked heavy on my heels quite often leaving them feeling bruised.  After a couple of visits with Victoria, I noticed that my feet and legs didn't hurt much anymore and I felt lighter on my feet. I even checked to make sure I had my safety shoes on and didn't wear my sneakers to work by mistake.  IT WAS AWESOME! 

Now my time at work is much more bearable.  I have also had some sprains/strains to my shoulder over the years.  After recently irritating it again at work I had Victoria work on that.  Now I am getting better motion with my shoulder and can at least get a good nights sleep again. I highly recommend Rolfing SI.

~ Lynn T., Appleton, WI 

When I first went to see Victoria, I was a mess. I work in a factory and have had many back problems for years. The very first time I saw her I felt like a new person.  It was so hard to say exactly why or what—but it felt so good to feel straight and feather light. Now several months later, I am still doing great!  

~ Marsha Propst, Escanaba, MI 

I'd never heard of Rolfing SI before I read an article written by Victoria, in Nature's Pathways…After 10 sessions, I feel that I stand and sit taller.  Each session focuses on a different part of the body.  It is more intense than what I was used to with massage, but Victoria adjusts the pressure to one's needs, so don't be afraid to give it a try. I’m glad I did.

~ Susan P.  

In only 4 weeks time and 3 sessions, Victoria has helped me release years of pain, soreness and stiffness in my body.  After each session, my body feels more at ease and I am becoming much more aware of what I'm doing with my body such as slouching and twisting.  Rolfing SI is moving my body back into the way it should be. It is not temporary relief—pain that used to come back after a few weeks is no longer there!

~ Debora Poynter, Green Bay, WI

I went through the ten-series with Victoria and highly recommend it. I am amazed by the positive effects this work had. I am a very active person and spend a lot of time climbing and cycling. The ten-series increased my comfort and performance by realigning my body and creating space for efficient movement. Even months after the work, I continue to discover benefits. I will definitely be a repeat client and look forward to future sessions with New Possibilities Integration.

~ Mike Griffin, Boulder, CO

Between my work as a therapist (that leaves me on my feet all day) and my love for exploring the outdoors in my free time, I have a body that rarely gets a rest. Through my experience with the Ten-series I learned how I could maximize the function of my body to make it more conducive for a high-energy lifestyle.

~ Frances Faucher, Boulder, CO

I went for routine massages, but a few days later my neck and back would be sore again. I decided to try a 10 series of Rolfing SI with Victoria. She helped to work the kinks out and the results lasted much longer.

~ K.H.

I was just amazed at how much better I could breathe on the way home yesterday...I thought I was doing well before, guess not. I had to laugh because when I walked into the house and came up to my husband. I was now taller than he was. He was just shocked. He said "what did she do to you?" It just felt so awesome to walk around like that for about the next hour. I just walked around the house and could not sit down, and also last night was the first time in a long time I did not wake up with my arm hurting...now I can't wait until the next session.

~ D.H., Bancroft, WI

Without realizing it, Rolfing increased my sense of self. My self-esteem and self confidence sky rocketed. Of course the initial reason I started this process was to “fix” my posture and get my body straightened out. My posture did change greatly. Not only has this process changed my mentality, sense of self, and actual physical self, it has changed my life. My perspectives have broadened, my beliefs have been challenged. I have grown mentally and physically. I highly recommend Rolfing for anyone who wants to get to know themselves better. Even if you don’t have a physical ailment, Rolfing will benefit you enormously, more than you can imagine!

~ Anna M. Thiessen, Appleton, WI


Rolfing is permanent.
As one student put it, after you’re Rolfed you’re like a Jaguar. 
No matter how long you drive a Jaguar, it’s not going to turn into a Ford. 
That’s a very good emotional answer.
It’s beautiful because it appeals to all levels.
~ Ida P. Rolf, Ph.D.